Harp & Singing bowls: a soundconcert offered by  Laura Lotti and Frank Klank

Thrive Yoga IJburg – IJburglaan 961 Amsterdam
March 24 |2.30 – 4 pm | 25 euro
tickets: harp&klankschalen

The combination of harp and singing bowls offers you a deep relaxation for your body and is a bliss for the ears.
Travel with us in this soundadventure full of flowing, soft and intense sounds.


Laura Lotti is a harpist. She is recognisable by her adventurous and intuitive sounds that lead to surprising sounds.
By playing meditative music she explores the calming effects of the harp. At her sessions, it is about inner peace. She improvises from her own existing compositions, where a diverse spectrum of spheres will cross your ears. Her cd Harpando is an experience of meditative and improvised harpmusic.  www.lauralotti.nl

Frank Klank
On his spiritual path he crossed the sound of the singing bowls which got his interest.
They became his passion. The sounds helps him to relax and to be in silence. The silence is important for Frank in order to fell the effect of the singing bowls in his body.
And this effect he wants to bring to all the participants who join his singign bowl events.

If you click on the picture above you can listen to a short soundtrack of Laura and me.