The next Circle Singing Vondelpark will be Sunday June 16th , 14:00 in the Vondelpark near the Rozentuin (next to the fallen tree in the water, see map). Free of charge, so feel welcome to join the circle, singing “heart songs” from all over the world.. please bring something nice to share in the potluck..

Circle Singing Vondelpark hosted by Mizza and Sunny

♥ How could anyone ever tell you
♥ The River (I just close my eyes)
♥ Mother I feel you under my feet
♥ Earth my body, water my blood
♥ Deeper (into the heart of love)
♥ Fly high
♥ Kuate (the infinite sun)
♥ I Trust
♥ E Malama
♥ Find yourself in harmony
♥ Mitakuye Oyasin
♥ In the love in the light in the glory
♥ I’m in the flow of life
♥ So much magnificence
♥ Gayatri Mantra
♥ I say yes to the light
♥ Dancing with the master
♥ Jay Ganesha Deva
♥ I Am
♥ Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
♥ We are one in harmony
♥ We are cirkeling
♥ Mash’allah Mash’allah
♥ Guided and protected
♥ Tehila Tehilatecha
♥ Opening up in sweet surrender
♥ Deep into the heart we go
♥ O Yeah
♥ Ho’oponopono
♥ Empty Empty Empty
♥ Only Now is Here
♥ Bliss (I am the Light of my soul)
♥ May the long time sun