Project Description

Saturday’s SoundJourney

The power of music with Niranjan & Frank Klank

Music is powerful and can be found in countless traditions as a tool to reconnect and heal. From the ancient Egyptians to Native Americans; instruments, songs and dance were used to heal the sick, to awaken spiritually and to reach a deeper understanding.

Using singing bowls, drums, rattles and chanting, you will make an inner journey.

A moment in which you don’t have to do, achieve or be anything for a while, and only have to receive and open to that which wants to unfold and flow within you.

The vibrations and rhythms bring you home, from the head (thinking) back into your body (feeling) to being.

Experiencing connection

More energy and inner strength

Increased concentration and new creativity

Relief of pain and relaxation of the nervous system

Deeper states of consciousness and new insight

Anyone who wants to relax in surrender during this inner journey.
Anyone who wants to open up to the magical effects of sound and music.

About Niranjan
Niranjan is the co-founder of de Meditatie Tuin.
He has a lot of experiences in bodywork, meditation and inner work/therapy. Within this, his inner fire is most stirred by guiding musical journeys and voice work sessions.

Frank and his singing bowls takes you on an inner journey.
With respect for what happens in everyone’s body.
That is why for him silence is also an important part of a singing bowl event.

Sound can’t exist without silence, silence can’t exist without sound

Playing the singing bowls is something he teached himself, trusting his intuition and knowing that every sound has a purpose.


Date & Time:

September 25| 3 – 4.30 pm


De Meditatietuin:
Amstelpark 6 Amsterdam

The Meditatie Tuin is located in the heart of the Amsterdam Amstelpark at nr. 6. You can find de Meditatietuin in the middle of the park, surrounded by beautiful nurturing nature.
It is the building between ‘het Rietveld Huis’ and ‘het Glazen Huis. Google Maps shows you the way! ‘
Bicycles must be parked outside the park. Please allow for an extra 5 to 10 minutes walk.


€ 20,00

Tickets available soon

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