Project Description

Yoga Nidra & Sound

with Laura and Frank

How fast we go in the Western world! Often exposed to deadlines and excessive stimuli we take those small free moments to quickly tick something off. On your to do list is also yin yoga. Thank goodness for that! For a moment no head work but the work through the body.

Yin yoga is there to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system; which is about rest & digest. The poses are held for a long time to be able to explore and deepen in surrender. By relaxing the muscles we work on the deeper layers of our body; the connective tissue. For a dose of rest, relaxation and flexibility, this yoga class can be a great challenge for you. You will walk out the door relaxed and lighter again.

Laura says about yin:
“Yin yoga has lit a light for me in touching the deep and dark pieces about myself. Not running away but looking at it; and doing so for several minutes per pose. As I learned to allow myself to relax, my body began to flow energetically again. After several yoga trainings I felt: ‘everyone may experience this. To make the world a little softer, lighter and safer. And that starts with your (inner) self’. You are in safe hands and more than welcome!”

Your facilitators

About Laura Kraft
Wondering, receptivity, playfulness, relaxation, wisdom and connecting with myself: these are my personal motives.

I am Laura and I want to take you on a journey on the yoga mat in a profound way.

Rediscover your true nature; just where we have lost our connection with nature, it doesn’t sound that crazy, does it?

Some people call me a ‘singing bowl artist’.

I offer singing bowl meditations with a focus on peace and silence. I also colaborate regularly with yoga teachers and other musicians.”


July 2
10 am till 12 pm


De Meditatietuin, Amstelpark 6
(between Rietveldhuis and Glazenhuis)

Reservation is necessary


€ 27,50

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