Project Description

Meditative Singing Bowls concert

with Frank Klank @ Thrive Yoga

Silence gives you the space to notice the sounds vibrating in your body.

Silence gives you the oppertunity to discover what is going on and/or just to be. In silence.

After  silence the sounds of the singing bowls take over.

We start with a short guided meditation or an inspiring poem.

Next you will be immersed in the resonances of the singing bowls.

As while the sounds are vibrating in your body, it is time to return to ‘Being in silence’.

Each singing bowl has its own character, tone and timbre. When playing the bowls, a long lasting sound is created, rich in overtone resonances with vibration patterns.  The singing bowls have a relaxing effect.

Each Sound & Silence meditation is different and you experience it in your own unique way.

You can say that the sounds and silence bring you there where your attention is needed.

Be welcome in Silence and in Sound.

date & time:

July 11
3 till 4:30 pm


Thrive Yoga Oost
2e Atjehstraat 55 Amsterdam

Due to corona 8 spots available.

Other dates:
July 11 – Sept 12 – Dec 14


€ 17,00

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