Project Description

Yoga Nidra & Sound

with Jurko and Frank

The sleep of the yogi

Yoga Nidra is an old relaxation technique also known as ‘the sleep of the yogi’s ‘.

The only thing you have to do in a Yoga Nidra session lie down and listen.

During this ‘sleep yoga’, your brain goes from an active Beta state via a calmer Alpha state to the deep rest of lower Theta and Delta brainwaves.

Only there, with a healthy sleep, does your brain get the chance to process impressions, find solutions to difficult problems and recharge its batteries.

Regular Yoga Nidra practice improves vitality, reduces stress, improves concentration, deeper sleep and enhances creativity and problem solving.

Your facilitators

Jurko van Veenendaal
Singer, coach in ‘Inspired Speaking’ and ‘Radical Peace’, has a passion for connecting people with their higher selves.

After his professional theatre career (he performed in Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Miserables), Jurko developed himself as a speech- coach and on international level he coached various speakers from the world of business and politics.

Currently he combines his work as a Coach in Inspirational Speaking with his passion for Radical Peace.

Jurko is trained in Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga among others by Cristina Guerra

Some people call me a ‘singing bowl artist’.

I offer singing bowl meditations with a focus on peace and silence. I also colaborate regularly with yoga teachers and other musicians.”


February 5
10 am till 12 pm


De Meditatietuin, Amstelpark 6
(between Rietveldhuis and Glazenhuis)

Reservation is necessary


€ 22,50

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