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Healing Sounds

Tibetan singing bowls and mantras with Dana Devi & Frank Klank

Healing sounds
Tibetan singing bowls and mantras with Dana Devi & Frank @ Yoga Spot Buitenveldert

A concert that invites you to be in silence in order to experience deep relaxation and be touched in your heart.
Listen, let yourself be carried away by the mantras and enjoy the soothing sounds of the singing bowls.

About Dana Devi
Dana is a singer, yoga teacher and musician.
She grew up in a yoga ashram and was surrounded by mantras and Indian music from an early age.

This was the beginning of her journey in devotional music.

Over the years music has become her meditation and she has written soothing melodies and songs that comfort the heart and calm the mind.

Her first album “Doorway to Silence” is an ode to silence, to the divine that shines in every soul and is filled with the soft power of vulnerability.

Frank and his singing bowls takes you on an inner journey.
With respect for what happens in everyone’s body.
That is why for him silence is also an important part of a singing bowl event.

Sound can’t exist without silence, silence can’t exist without sound.

Playing the singing bowls is something he teached himself, trusting his intuition and knowing that every sound has a purpose.

Date & Time:

September 10|
7.30 – 9.00 pm


Yoga Spot Buitenveldert:
AJ Ernstraat 665 Amsterdam

Bring your own matrass, blanket and meditation cushion with you. Due to covid.

A bottle with water is recommanded if you want to drink something during the concert.


€ 22,50

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