Sunday’s Soundjourney
with Frank Klank & Niranjan Petrie

Twice a month there is a Soundjourney on  Sunday afternoon in the beautiful Meditatietuin in the Amstelpark.

Experience an inward journey with the sounds of singing bowls, drums, rattles and vocals. Just receive and be open to what wants to unfold and flow within you.

The power of music is strong and can be found in many traditions in order to reconnect and heal. From the ancient Egyptians to Native Americans; instruments, song and dance were used to heal the sick, to awaken spiritually and to come to a deeper understanding.

How to experience a Soundjourney:
– The vibrations and rhythms bring you home, from the head (thinking) back into your body (feeling) to being.
– Experiencing connection
– More energy and inner strength
– Increased concentration and new creativity
– Relief of pain and relaxation of the nervous system
– Deeper States of Consciousness and New Understanding


Frank Sound – Singing Bowls & Meditation Companion
Niranjan Petrie – Co-founder The Meditation Garden, voice and bodywork

TIME: October 11th | 3 – 4.30 pm

For a relaxed start as a group, we open the  doors 15 minutes before the start at 2:45 and close them at 3pm.

Include some extra time to find de Meditatietuin when it is you’r first visit.

Take with you:
Wear comfortable clothing and possibly warm socks. Tea and healthy snacks will be served.
Sheepskins, meditation cushions and blankets are provided in the studio.

€ 17,50
Register here for this event:

The Meditation Garden
Amstelpark 6, Amsterdam

The place is in the middle of the park, surrounded by beautiful nourishing nature. It is the building between the Rietveld Huis and the Glazen Huis.

Google Maps shows you the way!

Bicycles should be parked outside the park. Please allow 5 to 10 minutes extra walking time.

Refunds are only possible when the event will be postponed/canceled or when your participation is not possible due to symptoms related to COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19 we take extra safety requirements:
– the number of participants is limited to 10 per gathering
– the 1,5 meter distance between participants should be respected at all times
– Please disinfect or wash your hands with soap at arrival.
– Please inform us if you have any symptoms such as a cold or fever before the gathering will take place. In case of complaints, please stay at home. Your can either use your ticket for the next gathering if possible or your ticket will be refunded.