Experience the relaxing effects of a yinyoga class combined with the healing sounds of the singing bowls.

This special class will be offered by Patricia Sallé (yin yoga) and Frank “Klank” Mannens (singing bowls).

Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation.
The bowls are also used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, and holistic healing.
Many people find that the rich blend of harmonic overtones which the bells produce have also a direct affect upon their chakras (energy centers in the body).

Through yin yoga the meridians will be stimulated and the sound of the sining bowls can help with letting go of blockades within your body.

The sounds of the bowls will keep you in the ‘here and now’ because you will listen to the sounds and you will less be in your mind. And that is good news because yoga with attention has a bigger effect then if you are busy in the mind.

A third way that yoga will be supported by the sound of the bowls is that you easily will feel inside your body. There will be more more contact with your body. Thatswhy body and mind can relax and you are easier be able to let go of resistance or nasty thoughts.

At the end of the class, if you are in shavasana, the sounds of the singing bowls will continue for a while.

When: Fridays – September 20 and October 11

Time: 8.30 – 10.30 pm

Where: Yoga Spot, Laan der Hesperiden 142 Amsterdam

Teachers: Patricia Sallé and Frank ‘Klank’ Mannens

Costs: € 25,00
Ticket: yinyoga&klankschalen