Yin Yoga & singing bowls
Experience the effect of a yinyoga class in combination with the healing sounds of the singing bowls.

Where and When:
 Yoga Spot – Laan der Hesperiden 142 (near Olympic Stadium) | Friday March 15
Time: 8.30 – 10.30 pm
Hosts: Patricia Sallé and Frank Mannens
Ticket: €25,00 / Reservations: www.yogaspot.nl/workshops-events

In this special class  Patricia Sallé and Frank “Klank” Mannens work together.
Patricia guids you through the Yin yoga exercises, Frank plays in the meanwhile the singing bowls.

Different bowls make different sounds: deep, low, high. These sounds will vibrate withing your body, you will receive an inner massage.

Through the yin yoga the meridians will be activated and the sounds of the singing bowls can have a positive effect of letting go of  eventual blockages in your body.
The sounds of the bowls keeps you in the here and now because you are listening to the sounds and less being in your mind.
That has an effect on the yoga positions because your focus will be on the yin positions instead of whats going on in your mind.

Because of the sounds it is easier to go ‘inside’ your body,  so you will be more in contact with your body.
Body and mind will be more relaxed and that means: less resistance and less thoughts

During shavasana the sounds of the singing bowls will continue.