May 21st Tuesday evening – singing bowls meditation:
de Roos – PC Hooftstraat 183 Amsterdam
8 – 9.30 pm |€ 15,00 | buy your ticket via de Roos 020 – 6890081 or mail Frank –

Drift away in the resonations of the singing bowls.
Be curious what happens in your body. Be calm, slow down, meditate, listen or ……… fill in by yourself
Quality time for yourself, no pressure, let go no need to do someting or to have to.

Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation.
In addition to their traditional usage for meditation, singing bowls are also used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, and holistic healing. Many people find that the rich blend of harmonic overtones which the bells produce have also a direct affect upon their chakras (energy centers in the body).s.