Deeply relax in a transformational sleep with healing sounds

What happens when you combine Tibetan singing bowls and Yoga Nidra? Magic! Imagine the deep rest, the soothing sounds, the stillness, the healing…

Nathalie Rasing and Frank “Klank” Mannens invite you to this heavenly marriage of yoga nidra and singing bowls.

Yoga Nidra is a yogic sleep where the body is asleep but you remain aware. Singing bowls are ancient Tibetan instruments used for meditation and healing. The vibrations make energy tangible and allow you to feel the energy as it moves through you. This unique concert will multiply the benefits of both the healing practices.


Live Yoga: Celebesstraat 6 Amsterdam

When: Friday, April 12, starting at 19:00 and ending at 21:00.

Ticket:  €25,00 incl tea and talks

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More information and get your ticket: yoga-nidra-concert